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Volkswagen Scandal: Dundee Greens Raise Awareness of Air Quality

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Dan VWIn response to the recent scandal involving Volkswagen cheating their emissions tests, and to the new information about the poor state of Scotland’s air quality, the Dundee Greens today put together an awareness raising demonstration using Dundee’s very own Desperate Dan and Mini the Minx wearing VW-inspired pollution masks.

It was discovered earlier this month that Volkswagen had been fitting cheating devices to their cars in order to get around strict EU laws about car emissions. As a result they have seen their share value dip and are having to recall 8.5 million cars across the EU. This scandal only raises more doubts about what other car manufacturers may be doing.

Minx VW 2

Friends of the Earth recently released a report stating that air pollution contributes to an estimated 3500 deaths in Scotland per year, a doubling of their previous estimate. Last week Alison Johnstone, Green MSP for Lothian criticised the Scottish government for their inaction over Scotland’s poor air quality, and their failure to reach their own environmental targets.

The whole of Dundee is considered an “Air Quality Management Area” (AQMA) due to high concentrations of nitrogen dioxide and particulates in the local air. The latest report by Dundee City Council states that the city still qualifies as an AQMA as local air quality targets have still not been met. With car emissions rates under scrutiny and Dundee’s own poor air quality, the Dundee Greens will campaign hard to make sure the council are doing all they can to improve air quality in the area.